Det här är en syster till Slainthe

I väntan på att det gamla magazinet Slainthe vaknar upp ur sin törnrosasömn kommer jag att publicera sådant som var tänkt för magazinet Slainthe här.

Adressen till den för tillfället vilande Slainthe är :
Här kan du läsa alla de tidigare härliga utgivningarna.

Om Quantum of Solace

QS är en oberoende nättidning.
Vi tillämpar pressetiska regler.
Redaktör och ansvarig utgivare: Kay Uggla,
Här välkomnas gärna artiklar skrivna av andra skribenter.


Lucia i firas vid vår ambassad

After last year's huge success, Lucia visits Second Life again in 2008!

Every year on December 13, Santa Lucia arrives in Sweden to announce the Christmas season.

This year, she will once again visit Second Life as well
- and the festivities start - PLEASE NOTE THE DATE!!
-->>> Friday evening, December 12 <<<---
The Lucia celebration features a procession led by a woman representing Saint Lucia, who — dressed in white robes, with a headdress of candles — repels the darkness with a halo of light.
The procession is accompanied by the singing of traditional Swedish songs.

The Lucia event in Second Life gives participants an opportunity to meet a real Swedish Lucia, listen to her entourage of singers, see a Christmas tree, visit Santa, visit a HUGE Christmas market (18 Swedish designers at one place!), receive Swedish freebie gifts, and dance to Swedish and international music, including live performances.

By tradition, the identity of this year's Lucia is a well-protected secret until the December 12.

When: The procession will be held twice: First, on Decem
ber 12, 1pm Second Life time (4pm New York time, 10pm Stockholm time); the procession is then repeated four hours later at 5pm SLT (8pm in NYC, 2am in Stockholm on 13 December)

Where: Second House of Sweden, on the Swedish Institute - Best are to TP to orientation SIM

Organizers of this year's Lucia event in Second Life are Ika Cioc, Ewa Aska, Charlotte Rhino, Belze Fraker, Cur Waydelich and producer Tina (PetGirl) Bergman.

All residents of Second Life are very welcome to attend.


The Lucia evening at stage:

Friday 12th December - (time in SLT)

0 pm - Junivers Stockholm - from the now so well known "The Ring" performance in SL. Junivers plays acustic live with 99% of his own material. He also does electric live with backtracks he composed and plays all instruments (drums via midi-keyboard).

1pm Lucia / Disco

2pm - Ernst Edman - One more of our famous Swedish artists in SL - he sings country - and are welcome back as we all remember him from last years succé at Lucia:-)

3pm Grace McDunnough - Grace is an artist, musician and virtual world experience developer. Creator of Musimmersion, founder of the Mill Pond Folk Festival and regularly performing live musician in the virtual world of Second Life, Grace is dedicated embracing virtual worlds to combine the emotional response of audio and visual immersion to deliver unique experiences around the grid.

4pm - Ayden Kruh - Ayden is a musician and a mystic at heart. He approaches life with an open mind, firmly rooted in his identity. As a singer/songwriter, he combines new folk/americana influences with neo-soul vocal melodies to share his take on life, love, faith, pain, ect.

5pm - Lucia 2 / Disco until the sun are seen again... a long night to come!


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